The Imagination of Lewis Carroll

Winner of the Eighth Annual Rose Metal Press Short Short Chapbook Contest

Written in a series of quick, curious moments, The Imagination of Lewis Carroll is a fabulist biography that eschews sense for nonsense and accuracy for truth. A logic instructor at Christ Church College, Lewis Carroll was a man who tied knots in words and stared at chessboards, a man who stammered before adults and soared in front of children, a man who lived in a world that was not our own. But Carroll didn’t live in Wonderland or the Looking Glass—he lived in a world far more bizarre and far more lonely. This novella-in-flash straddles Carroll’s double life, where he teetered precariously between fantasy and reality. William Todd Seabrook’s spare but vivid stories invite readers to experience the world as Carroll did—down the rabbit hole of imagination. 


The Passion of Joan of Arc

Winner of the 421 Atlanta Chapbook Contest

Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Tchaikovsky, and Voltaire wrote about Joan of Arc, and now William Todd Seabrook adds these seventeen tales to the canon.— Contest Judge Mary Miller


The Genius of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Winner of Firewheel Chapbook Award

Before J. Robert Oppenheimer no human had ever been vaporized. The atmosphere had never caught on fire. The armies of the world had never stopped so abruptly, trembling under their helmets, and the New Mexico desert had not melted into glass. And while there had been other gods of death, never had there been one who was an American. It is little wonder they forgot he was only a single man. Merely a lanky, chain-smoking physicist who rearranged the universe for his country. And for that they destroyed him.


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This Semi-Perfect Universe

“I dreamed of a snake that was digesting its own head using only math and sleight of imaginary hand, and then I read this, and know now that I’m a gifted psychic.” —Stephen Graham Jones

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